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Integrated Services for Insurance Specialty Market Providers

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An attorney-led operation

  • Focused on reducing the overall cost of claims (indemnity and expense).

  • A structured and disciplined model of reporting and timely correspondence with claims handlers, attorneys and insurers.

  • A tireless, 24/7 approach aligned to integrate the results and legal knowledge of claims and legal experience into the underwriting and risk management functions of any carrier, to help improve the overall performance of the business.

  • Invested in the claim from day one, and with delegated authority to resolve matters promptly on behalf of the lead reinsurer, AM Star Claims LLC provides significant added value to the reinsurance treaty by delivering timely recommendations and authority to proceed without the need to involve the reinsurer.


Utilizing primary and reinsurance underwriters

  • Providing specialized MGA oversight for carriers writing complex lines and classes of business.

  • Utilizing a simple, three step approach:

    1. ​Our underwriters meet with our carrier clients and discuss the current underwriting model, guidelines and acceptance method.

    2. The underwriters then review a sample of insureds from submission to acceptance

    3. Comprehensive report covering focus areas such as Pre-contractual diligence and review of authorized personnel to bind, a review of domicile of insured and risk location, and premium calculation, policy terms and fees.

  • The report is then fed back to the carrier for comment and approval. In turn, the finalized report is shared with the reinsurer for transparent and continued feedback on the program.

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Real-Time Recommendations

  • AM Star Claims LLC meets with the carrier client to establish the present framework and operational structure of the business.

  • From there, AM Star Claims LLC assists in the vetting and due diligence of current or prospective third-party service providers and partners, including panel counsel.

  • AM Star Claims LLC can provide ongoing evaluations on a schedule determined by the carrier client, performing evaluations of all service providers to confirm compliance with all contractual obligations, operating agreements and guidelines.  

  • These ongoing evaluations allow AM Star Claims LLC to provide real-time recommendations for service improvements to achieve operational goals set by the carrier client.

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